Blood Moon Day

Look at the moon. See that flicker of red? Yep, it’s a blood moon!

Okay so right now I’m being imaginative. I have yet to see this magnificent spectacle. It’s pretty cloudy where I am tonight. But tonight is supposed to be the night in which people will be able to see what is known as a Blood Moon. I think the title sounds cool as hell. Blood Moon. It’s like Blood Brothers. Or True Blood. Kinda sinister in a way. A bit spooky, too.

I’m hoping I’ll get a glimpse of it at some point. (Or I’ll just cheat and google what people have been able to see, at least!!). Space is definitely something that interests me. I think it’s because it’s out of our control, new findings occur all of the time, and let’s face it, space with all of its glory is breathtakingly beautiful.

I’m now off to my own space aka bed. How’s your week been?

Lots of love,

Zo. X